Please feel free to order your design we will quote you the product.

Eksun 3D services also provides CNC cutting in 2D and 3D on MDF, Acrylic, Corian, & various wooden material. The CNC cuttings are mainly used for Interior, Home Decoration, Back-light Photos etc. Back-light photo is the unique feature of our company. When a back-light photo on acrylic or Corian material is machined it gives a 3D effect to the photo when light is flashed from the backside. If you have the CAD design or any photo of design or any idea in your mind we will directly hand over you final manufactured product.

Lithophane: Wish to create a lithophane photo frame?
A lithophane presents a three-dimensional image - completely different from two-dimensional engravings and that are "flat" The images change characteristics depending on the light source behind them. The varying light source is what makes lithophanes more interesting to the viewer than two-dimensional pictures. A three-dimensional image appears suddenly when lit with a back light source.