“Creating art is like a performance, even if no one’s there to watch it”.


Who we are
Eksun3d - A professional 3D printing and design service based in Pune.

We help turn your ideas into a reality with wonderful and exciting world of 3D printing.

How We Came To Be
Eksun 3D founded by Amol Bajare CEO, an offshoot from 3D Printing Systems. The foundation of Eksun 3D is inspired by the great mission MAKE IN INDIA. Over the past one year we’ve been providing clients with some of the best 3D printing services in the market, combined with an exceptional level of support and service.

What Does the Eksun 3D Do?
It will professionally print the object on your behalf. It’s a smart business model that makes models with help of 3D printer and is used to fabricate hundreds and thousands of small, custom print jobs for individual customers. We can print a wide variety of product such as scanned model such as teeth, bones, sculptures using plastic material. The company uses 3D printer that can work with several different materials such as PLA, ABS, SLA or SLS etc.

It also works in CNC routing field which provide the services in Interior decoration, Interior jaali cutting, Backlight photos for your loved ones etc. The jaali cutting is performed on Mdf, Corean, Acrylic, ACP sheets etc. The finished product is mainly used for home interior which is trending in market at present.

We believe in “Creating art is like passion with performance, for your satisfaction and happiness”

What are benefits of Eksun 3D services?
Firstly, you can use the service for making models instead of owning a 3d printer.
Secondly, you don’t need to worry about the material quality of your selected object.

Transparent Pricing
Eksun3D uses industrial SLS production machines to provide you with the best quality printing service at the lowest prices. With transparent pricing structure & no hidden costs, Eksun3D charges are based on the bounding box of your model with a fixed price per cu.cm

Eksun 3D is setup to help designers and consumers get their digital designs made at the lowest price at the same time as providing best quality prints.

Free quotation - With a just click away from uploading a .STL file of your component, prototype or model for a free quotation! founder@eksun3d.com or service@eksun3d.com

So, what are you thinking for?
Dream to build components, make drawings and get printed. May be this is the right time to print first and verify your drawing. Eksun 3D is waiting to print your dreamed object/project and give you 3D experiences.

“Creative thinking inspires idea; ideas inspire change”